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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Water, Fire, and Mold Restoration

Water Restoration FAQS

The technicians from Brothers Restoration will get rid of any compromised materials, including damaged carpeting, padding, baseboards, insulation, clothing, upholstery, fragile woods, sheetrock walls, and ceilings. We will pump all the water out and dry and disinfect the area.

Water damage can ruin your property, compromise the structure of your home, and cause mold to grow.

Yes. If our IICRC certified technicians find mold or other microbes they will remove them and properly treat the area with disinfectants. If extensive mold is found, our technicians will build a containment structure around the area and remove the contaminated materials.

Any restoration professional should be certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Water damage can be caused by natural disasters like hurricanes or floods, foundations leaks, burst pipes or plumbing leaks, poor drainage, or broken appliances. Water damage is very common after firefighters have put out a fire.

Even worse, sometimes your septic tanks overflows and allows raw sewage to flood into your crawlspace or home. Gutters and roof drains often get backed up from debris and can cause water damage.

Water damage is also caused by tubs and showers that allow water to seep into unwanted areas.

Water damage can cause dangerous conditions when mold grows. Mold can release spores into the air and cause a number of health problems, including respiratory infections, nausea, agitation, malaise, fatigue, and even deadly neurotoxic complications.

Standing water can also host microbes, including deadly viruses and bacteria. Floods are often infested with cholera, hepatitis, and other serious diseases.

The first thing you should do is contact Brothers Restoration. We are a water damage remediation company. You do not want to delay, since mold begins to form after twelve hours. The longer water sits, the more opportunity it has to wreak havoc on wood, walls and carpet.

You will also want to contact your insurance company to begin the claim process, avoid the affected area whenever possible. If there is standing water in an area with electrical appliances, do not enter the room under any circumstances.

Our professional crew will inspect the damage and make sure it has stopped. We will remove standing water, then we will start the drying process with dehumidifiers and fans. We will also test the air to make sure that any moisture or mold spores are gone.

The insurance company will look at the cause of the damage, like whether it was a flood or a burst pipe. They will also consider whether you took the necessary precautions to try and prevent or stop the damage.

Brother’s Restoration has had a lot of experience with insurance companies and water damage, so we can help you submit your claim to your insurance company.

Fire Restoration FAQS

We can help you get your insurance company’s approval. Give us a call, we can explain our process and begin work right away.

It all depends on the amount of damage, the size of your home or building, and what needs to be done, but usually between a few days to a few weeks for a small fire and several months for a larger fire.

Fires often require investigations by local authorities and insurance companies, but after we get the approval to begin work, we will work with you to develop a plan and schedule.

If the fire damage is small or limited to certain rooms or floors, you may be able to stay in your home. You will need to have a professional inspection to decide if it is safe.

Smoke residue and soot can create bad air quality. Water damage can cause mold. In addition some of our cleaning methods may be unpleasant. So the restoration process may be an inconvenience and you may prefer to find other accommodations. Sometimes your insurance policy will pay for housing.

Yes. There is often water damage from a fire. We can add water restoration and structural drying as a part of our work schedule. We will make sure you do not have mold as a result of the water damage.

We don’t recommend it. As professionals we are specially trained to pre-test the residues. We have cleaning solutions for different purposes and we use special equipment.

Yes. Brothers Restoration crews can secure your home by boarding it up after the fire.

Mold Restoration FAQS

Mold is actually a common name for over 200,000 different kinds of fungus. They spread by releasing spores.

Yes. Some of them include, itchy throat, watery eyes, headaches, memory loss, irritated skin, excessive coughing, excess mucus, fatigue, and nausea.

If you think mold may be a problem in your house or business, call Brothers Restoration and we will be right there to inspect your property. If you do have mold, you should get it cleaned up as soon as possible.

No, in fact it usually makes the problem worse.

No. It can sometimes make the mold worse.

No. Mold can be dangerous and its clean up is complicated. If not done properly you can disturb the mold and cause the release of large amounts of excess spores and toxic chemicals into the air. Mold removal should always be done by a professional.

If you think you have mold, contact Brothers Restoration. We are experienced and trained in mold removal. We can do it safely and completely.

No, unless mold or water damage has made your home structurally unsound.

Yes. Our work comes with a year transferable warranty in case you sell your home, as long as our recommendations for correcting the mold are taken within 30 days and paid in full.

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