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When your home or business has suffered a water damage emergency in the Denver or Front Range area, it can be a very stressful time. Many of your belongings and furniture may be soaked, your beautiful hardwood floors wet, and your ceilings leaking in multiple areas of your home. It’s estimated that one home out of fifty every year will suffer some sort of water damage event. In most cases, water damage is considered “Sudden and Accidental”, and coverage is available from your home insurance policy to help you rebuild your home and your life. If you come home to a water damage emergency, it is your responsibility to limit further damages by contacting a local water damage restoration company immediately to begin mitigating the damages. Time is always of the essence in a water damage crisis, and can very well determine coverage and what items and areas can be restored to pre-loss condition.

When you contact the team at Brothers Restoration, it becomes our mission to be on site within 60 minutes or less to begin the water damage cleanup. We do not charge a fee to respond, and we work with your insurance company to determine coverage. Our team is certified by the IICRC for water damage restoration and you can be sure that we follow all their guidelines to ensure that your property and belongings will be dried out quickly and effectively. Our company is BBB approved and we carry all necessary insurance to perform water damage restoration in Colorado. We are on call 24/7 to respond to water damage emergencies and are always equipped with the latest water damage equipment and training to ensure your home or business gets the attention it deserves. We handle all the paperwork and reporting to your claims adjustors and representatives, and can provide everything from initial water damage mitigation to reconstruction. If your water damage claim is denied, don’t worry. Brothers Restoration has a low-price guarantee on all of its services and provides a written warranty on workmanship. Don’t let water damage get you down, call Brothers Restoration today, for free.

Questions about the different types of water damage that can happen in your property? Many of the most common types of water damage emergencies we respond to are “Sudden and Accidental”, and can include events such as a pipe breaking in ceiling, a fitting behind a shower cracking, or water heater line bursting. These types of water damage emergencies are considered CAT 1 clean water losses, and are typically covered by insurance. Clean water damage means that most items will be able to salvaged that encounter the water. These items include but are not limited to drywall, hardwood flooring, carpet, ceilings, and clothing. Brothers Restoration uses state of the art pressurized wall cavity drying equipment that employs air and heat to quickly evaporate moisture. These devices are installed routinely behind baseboards to hide the holes required to insert the drying tubes into wall cavities. Centrifugal air movers and commercial grade dehumidifiers are typically always employed, and may need to stay in operation for 3-5 days or until water damaged areas are back to the dry standard.

Other, more severe water damages losses such as CAT 2 or CAT 3 means that materials such as drywall and carpet will likely need to be removed, as bacteria levels are high and the health risk to severe. Also, the possibility of mold damage is higher with these types of losses. Examples of these types of losses are toilet overflows after a flush, sewage backups, and ground water entering the home or flooding. Many of these water damage emergencies are still covered by insurance, but you need to act quickly to keep your family safe in these circumstances. Brothers Restoration uses the proper equipment, protective equipment, and chemicals to mitigate all three types of water damage. All flooring, framing, and salvageable belongings will be treated with a broad-based disinfectant to ensure bacterial is killed and odors do not remain. Two foot or four foot cuts to drywall will likely be performed, containments will be set in place using HEPA air scrubbers to filter out contaminants and keep your family safe during the water damage mitigation process.

After the water is extracted, any demolition completed, and drying equipment set, the most important part of our job is to do a daily monitoring of the structure and all drying equipment. Brothers Restoration will monitor every dehumidifier’s inlet and outlet readings, as well as take humidity readings outside of the structure as well as inside. Various moisture meters will be used to check levels of moisture in building materials such as wood framing, sub flooring, and drywall. All these readings and daily moisture logs will be submitted to the insurance company to verify that the dry out process is progressing daily, and that equipment not be needlessly placed. Brothers Restoration will also take pictures of all non-salvageable items in the home such as mattresses, furniture, etc. These items will be submitted to your insurance company for evaluation and possible compensation.

There are many aspects involved in the water damage restoration process. You can be confident that the team at Brothers Restoration will always have your best interest at heart, and will work diligently to get your property and life back to before the disaster. Please call us today, or use our website submission form to tell us about your unique situation. We are always here to help, and look forward to hearing from you in your time of need.

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