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Sewage backups are dangerous and best left to the professionals. The combination of human waste, bacteria, and even viral contaminates can cause some serious adverse health effects and property damage. Brothers Restoration employs the top sewage cleanup Denver professionals are properly trained and ready to clean up any type of sewage emergency you may have. We will leave no trace behind. Call us at (720) 979-2626 at the first signs of sewage backups.

Let’s go over 3 basic categories of water.

CATEGORY 1: “Clean Water”

Water that is considered category 1 is going to be water that comes from either a broken water line such as a water heater, leaky faucet, or an attachment for a washing machine.

  • Water from a refrigerator line or water heater would be considered category 1.
  • If left unattended, this type of water could eventually turn into category 2 or category 3 water.
  • Although this water begins clean, it still needs to be handled by a water restoration & remediation professional.

CATEGORY 2: “Gray Water”

Category 2 water is contaminated with the possibility of causing illness. Some different types of gray water include an OVERFLOW from a washing machine, not the direct connection itself, a toilet bowl overflow without any feces, and also a leaky dishwasher.

  • Potentially contains viruses and harmful microbes.
  • If not taken care of soon enough can turn into category 3 water.

CATEGORY 3: “Black Water”

Category 3 water is very contaminated and can potentially cause serious illness and death if not cleaned up properly, or if accidentally ingested. Some examples of category 3 water include flooding from nearby lakes, streams, or ponds/rivers. Water from beyond the toilet trap, or water from the toilet that contains feces. Also, water that comes from any sewage pipe in the home or business. This requires immediate attention from sewage cleanup professional in Denver.

  • High possibility of containing dangerous bacteria, viruses, and chemicals.
  • Water that comes from a flooding river and in most cases a sewage backup.
  • Water restoration and remediation is an immediate need.

Do not wait, call Brothers Restoration at (720) 979-2626 the moment you see sewage backups. These can cause serious damage and illness. We will work with your insurance company directly to take the burden off of you.

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