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Hardwood Floor Restoration and Water Damage

Brothers Restoration, Denver Colorado

If you have a water damage emergency such as a pipe breaking in your ceiling or a leak in your refrigerators ice maker line, your beautiful hardwood floors may suffer tremendous water damage. Luckily, if you act fast and call the team at Brothers Restoration, you may be able to salvage the flooring by using our Injectidry hardwood floor drying kit. This service may also be totally covered by your home insurance policy if you have filed a water damage claim, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

What happens to hardwood flooring when exposed to large amounts of water? When wood floors become soaked with water, they will cup and buckle. If not dealt with quickly, the damage will be permanent and the only option will be to replace them completely. Fortunately, a professional water damage restoration company can utilize various methods to extract water and moisture from water damaged wood floors to dry them out and restore them to their original state. Surface refinishing of the hardwood floors may still be necessary.

The first step is to call Brothers Restoration as soon as you suspect your hardwood floors are being damaged by water. We will quickly determine the source of the water damage and stop it. We have a large network of licensed plumbers who work with us to provide quick and cost effective repairs to stop water damage in its tracks. Our next step will be to extract any standing water with a flood pumper designed to suck up the water and pump it out, usually by running hoses from the pumper out through a door or window. We will then remove any furniture and contents from the water damaged area and prepare to set up the Injectidry system, a specially designed machine that dries out water damaged hardwood floors quickly and effectively. How does the Injectidry system work?

The Injectidry HP-PLUS Floor Drying System uses a series of panels or mats that are placed on the water damaged floor area and taped into place. Small feeder tubes are hooked up to the panels and then to main trunk lines. A high-pressure vacuum blower is hooked to the trunk lines and pulls a vacuum on the panels taped to the floor with blue preservation tape. The vacuum applied to the floor takes advantage of the small gaps between the soaked floor boards. This pulls the dampness and moisture from under the water damaged hardwood floor. Each wood floorboard also has small grooves on the bottom of the floor board. Dry air is drawn in these grooves or flutes, through the gaps and out the drying system. During the dry out process, it is extremely important to monitor the moisture content of the wood floors to ensure over drying does not take place. A quality moisture meter will be used to ensure that the water damaged floor boards are returning to their approximate pre-loss moisture level. Our new system also uses a silencer to dramatically decrease the noise of operation, since these systems are used mainly in kitchen and living room areas.

Please don’t risk the possibility of having to rip up your beautiful hardwood floors. Call Brothers Restoration today or use our website submission form to explain your unique situation. We will work with you and your insurance to provide the water damage restoration services you need to salvage many of the contents and flooring in your home. We are awaiting your call.

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