Commercial Water Damage

Brothers Restoration is your premium commercial Water Damage specialist. As a small business we understand how important it is to “Keep the doors open”. We specialize in limiting the scope of work as well as identifying environmental hurdles to your business. Our professionals work hand in hand with the business owner coupled with insurance adjusters. We use minimally invasive methods to reduce work areas. We reduce downtime by scheduling our scope of work to fit your business hours and keep you up and running.

How Commercial Water Damage is different:

There are many ways that home and Commercial water damage are similar. There is also many ways that it is different. At Brothers restoration we Are familiar with Commercial building materials as well as the additional environmental hurdles. Areas that are damaged have to be secluded from the rest of the dwelling. It is as simple as closing off a work area in a home. With a business there are further considerations. We optimize the functioning space in your business. For instance, a recent customer in Denver had a very large flood in the basement level of their business. The main location of the damage was in a bathroom as well as a hallway. Both of these areas are key for their customers.

We kept theme functional by minimizing the area of cordon to specifically what was effected. We provided rapid response. Prior to their business opening for the day their emergency was taken care of . We completed a dry out assessment and comprehensive dry out plan. Our dry out plan considers their work hours. Lastly we facilitate the rebuild process to work around the business schedule. This all goes to insure that the company is able to keep serving their customers.

Brothers Restoration cares about your image with your customer. We go above and beyond to make sure that you are able to serve your customers.

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