How Business Text Messaging Got us 10 Projects in one day.



How Business Text Messaging ( got us 10 project leads in one day.

Nobody likes to get spammy text messages. They are extremely annoying and always seem to hit in the weirdest hours. I think most people get the whole “Business Text Messaging” thing wrong or are simply afraid to piss off customers. Truth is, sometimes you have to get outside of your comfort zone a little and try something new. We took a different approach to this and decided to send sms campaigns to our lead sources instead of directly to customers. This proved to be the way to go. For us our lead sources for primarily realtors, plumbers, insurance agents(rare), and home inspectors(goldmine).

The app we chose to use was

What we did was set up an account at (took us literally 5 minutes and 20 dollars) and created a campaign that goes out to all our lead sources. It was pretty cool because you can purchase a number from their website that is local to your area ( makes it look way less spammy). Once you get the number your basically good to go but you have to be careful not to spam text randy people. There are laws against that kind of stuff. Anyways we scheduled a campaign to go out at 1 pm and send about 500 messages to realtors, home inspectors, and plumbers. It took about 2 hours and BOOM we had about 10 people reply back with leads on current projects and a day later we had another 3 or 4 leads come in. Keep in mind this cost us like $30 dollars and we got an return on investment of almost 10k. YES your reading that right, $30 in and 10k out. This is an absolute game changer.


Regulation Incoming….

There is also something else to note, on August 31st of this year, the entire sms industry is undergoing some major changes. The industry as a whole are going to require companies like to register every number with the campaign registry. This is going to make the text marketing arena less competitive and also more trustworthy. At the same time due to the increase in regulation this will scare out a lot of the scammers calling from India ( dont hate you know its true though). I love my Indian peeps but yall gotta fix that whole telecom scam industry thing going on. Anyways, Here we are in 2023 with an absolute game changing tool to help a business that in small grow super quick. Check it out and take this golden nugget I just gave you for FREE lol.


Dont be scared BRO

I think fear of talking to others is one of the killers to business. Its pretty bad in the tech area Ive noticed. Probably due to the nature of sitting at the computer all day and coding without any human connection. SMS marketing is super important in 2023 as email is pretty much over saturated and mostly go unread or even worse to the spam folder. If you can garner up the courage to give this a try you will so busy you wont know what to do with yourself. You will also have enough money to buy that hellcat redeye you’ve been wanting forever (Kali Muscle lol).


Regulation details…

You ready? A2P 10DLC….. WHAT THE HECK IS EVEN THAT! It stands for App to Person 10 Digit Long Code. This is just Jargon for a local phone number like (303) 990 2453. Now this kind of number is great to build that personal trust with your customers and lead sources but this is the type of number that is highly regulated in the coming months. You will need to go to and get your campaign registered which will take about a month to get verified. This seems ridiculous but is necessary to comply with regulations. This is actually a great thing for the industry and will help majorly with your messages not getting filtered by the carriers. In the meantime if you dont want to wait you can purchase a 1-800 number from and just use that while waiting on your local number to get verified. I hope this helps you understand the importance of text marketing for your business in 2023 so you can the Monaaay and provide for a family or something. PEACE OUT





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