If you have excess moisture in your crawl space you can breed mold, and harbor insects, dust mites and other pests. The moisture can also cause structural damage to your home. A vapor barrier slows the evaporation of ground moisture in the crawl space. Call Brothers Restoration when you are looking for crawl space vapor barriers to protect your home.

A vapor barrier resists the passage of air from the ground. It can also turn your crawlspace into a space that is close to the temperature of the living spaces above. Crawl space vapor barriers also slow/block most of the harmful gases like radon from the soil.

Most people don’t realize that up to 40 percent of the air we breathe on the first floor comes from the crawl space or basement! Crawl space vapor barriers prevent allergens and poor air quality from entering your home. Visit our website and give us a call today for more information.

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