Brothers Restoration is a professional restoration company who can assist in the clean-up of biohazardous materials. Methamphetamine drug labs pose a real danger to subsequent occupants if not properly decontaminated. We provide meth lab clean up in Denver that is thorough and quick.

If you are looking to buy or you have a rental property it may have once been a meth lab. A meth lab produces lingering toxic fumes and vapors that contaminate everything in the house, including carpets, furniture, walls, drapes and even the air. Our meth lab clean up response unit is equipped with all supplies needed to deal with a lab of any size.

We will clean your property completely so you can live in it once again. Meth can still be present after the drug lab has been removed. With our experienced technicians you can rest assured all traces of meth will be removed. We will also work directly with your insurance provider to help you with the meth lab clean up in Denver. We focus on your safety.

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