Mold Remediation by Brothers Restoration

Mold Remediation can be necessary for such a destructive and formidable foe. Mold can to cultivate even with even minimal water intrusion . It is something that exists in our environment just waiting on the opportunity to strike. Often times you wont even know that it is there.  You find it when you move an old box that has been sitting for a while. Of course you can find it after you start a small renovation project. It can start as something as small as a seam on your bathtub. You can find it from a wet towel left in the closet. As a result you can find mold anytime that water has a chance to sit. Additionally mold damage cannot often be seen without further investigation.

What is Professional Mold Remediation?

Since mold can be so destructive and so difficult to remedy its good to have professionals to fight it for you. Brothers Restoration has the arsenal you need to beat mold. We have professional mold remediation technicians as well as the most effective equipment and products. Our Technicians are masterful at finding both the source of damage as well as identifying everything effected. We are certified by the IICRC who sets the standard for treating mold. Although mold is a good advisory Brothers Restoration can put an end to its damage.

Our Steps:

Brothers first step is to send out a mold remediation Technician. This experienced estimator will give you an idea of what other areas are likely to be effected. Best of all this is a free service.

Secondly we erect a barrier to seal off anything that can might be effected and begin cleaning the air inside of the barrier.

The next step is our crew will clean or remove effected surfaces. Technicians chase down all of the damage. The technicians eradicate mold in a safe and complete manor.

After that we seal off all effected surfaces. We seal off everything that mold considers food.

Finally we clean all surfaces and treat the air with a fogging agent that removes the dormant mold spores from the air. Only then do we open up the affected area to the rest of your home.

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