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Black mold or the term “Toxic Black Mold” is a name given to a strain of mold called Stachybotrys Chartarum. Many rumors have swirled around black mold in the media, and it can be used as a scare tactic in the mold remediation industry. The fact of the matter is, mold growth can be highly toxic to certain individuals, while others may not show any symptoms of mold related sickness. Brothers Restoration, a black mold removal company in Denver, recommends that you must make safety your primary consideration and always consult a professional mold remediation company when you see or suspect dangerous mold growth in your home or place of business. Call Brothers Restoration today at (720) 979-2696.

Even if you can’t see mold damage, you may smell it. Musty odors can be a giveaway, and testing may need to be done by a certified industrial hygienist. Brothers Restoration uses Denver mold inspection personnel and facilities not affiliated with our company, so you get an unbiased report. Beware any mold restoration company that tells you they do their own testing. Mold testing prior to treatment is not usually necessary if mold is visibly growing in your property, according to the EPA.

Basics of Mold

Please review some general information on mold and mold growth control in your property. For more information please visit the EPA’s website and search for mold or click or call us today at (720) 979-2696.

  • Mold plays a major part in the decomposition of organic materials in nature. Mold is everywhere, and floats around at a microscopic level entering dwellings through windows or ventilation systems.
  • Certain strains of mold can give off a potent, musty odor when growing in your property.
  • Mold spores can never be totally eliminated in your home, but the things they need to grow can be controlled by a savvy homeowner or property manager.
  • Mold can release dangerous Mycotoxins into the air. When inhaled, serious respiratory ailments can occur in at risk individuals.
  • Moisture is the most important component to mold growth. Finding the source of moisture that is nurturing mold growth in Denver homes is a black mold removal company’s primary concern.
  • Large areas of condensation building up on windows in your home or place of business can be an indicator that the humidity levels are high enough for mold damage to occur.
  • Pets may be at an even greater risk to mold related sickness, especially older ones.
  • Mold can be dormant in your property, waiting for the right environmental factors to begin spreading. If you see mold anywhere in your home, call a mold removal company immediately.

Need a mold inspection in Denver? Contact Brothers Restoration today at (720) 979-2696!

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