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Denver Mold Remediation Process

Brothers Restoration, Denver Colorado

Brothers Restoration has inspected hundreds of homes and businesses all along the Denver and Front Range area. Every property we inspect poses its own unique challenges, but we always follow the same basic guidelines and steps to ensure safe and accurate diagnosis of mold-related damages.

Initial Contact – During the initial contact, a Brothers Restoration professional will ask you some general questions about the property and areas of concern you may have. We will need to know things like who the homeowner or property manager is, age of the structure, and if any visible mold damage is present. We will provide you some general safety tips, then set up and inspection time the works with your schedule. We currently offer free estimating services.

Inspection – A clean and friendly Brothers Restoration professional will arrive on time to inspect your property. The employee will wear shoe covers to keep any mud and debris from entering the home. We will provide business cards and informational brochures then ask to show us any areas of the property that you believe may have mold damage. We will use non-invasive tools such as moisture meters, humidity gauges, and thermal imaging FLIR equipment to locate potential danger zones. We may need to access your attic or crawlspace during the inspection, so please make these areas available. Once any mold damage has been identified, we will “Free of charge”, set up a containment around the affected area to prevent any further spreading of mold spores. We will also shut any HVAC vents in mold damaged areas.

At the end of the inspection we will provide to you a written scope of damages and estimate for remediation services. Brothers Restoration requires a half down deposit, and will expedite any necessary testing of damage materials.  Colorado state law requires the testing of any drywall, tile, or ceiling textures for asbestos. The price of this testing is included in the initial estimate. Once testing has been completed and materials come back negative, brothers restoration will schedule a time that’s is convenient for you to begin the mold remediation process.

Remediation – A highly trained team of Brothers Restoration professionals will enter the containment area and begin eradication of the mold. Sections of drywall, carpet, padding, and other materials may need to be removed during the mold remediation process. Our goal is to salvage as many items as possible and we will inform you what can and can’t be saved. HEPA air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers may be placed to dry out and excessive moisture problems in the containment area. Pinpointing the cause of the moisture damage is of our primary concern. Moisture problems must be solved or else future mold infestations may occur. Techniques such as sanding, encapsulating, and environmentally friendly fogging may be employed to ensure all mold spores on or around affected framing are destroyed. Dry out of the mold damaged area may take 3 to 6 days on average to complete. Final inspection will take place with the home or business owner to review scope of work. Finals payment is due upon completion. Post remediation testing may be purchased at the property owner’s expense. Brothers Restoration stands by their work with a one year non-transferable workmanship guarantee.

Reconstruction – Once the mold damage and its causes have been eliminated, Brothers Restoration can provide you a free design and estimating service for the remodel of damaged areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Remodel expenses are always separate from the initial mold remediation estimate. Brothers Restoration uses BBB accredited and licensed general contractors, plumbers, and electricians to ensure your property is put back to better than pre-loss condition. There is no obligation for these services, and you have the right to use anyone for the reconstruction.

The above information is meant to be a general guide for home and business owners to better understand the necessary steps in the mold remediation process. Every project is different and various remediation techniques may be employed to ensure eradication is complete. Please contact Brothers Restoration by phone or our new project submission tool for any question you may have. Thank you

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