Sewage Backup

Spring is upon us and we are seeing an increase in sewage backup issues.

The trees are beginning to bloom; as they do roots are growing as well. When this happens the roots have a tendency to grow into sewage lines. Root issues are some of the most damaging when it comes to sewage backup problems. Regular maintenance can go a long way having a company scope and snake your sewage line in the spring is always good practice. Like so many proactive measures, most people don’t know until its too late. Once the roots have had a chance to mature within the sewage line they can cause many issues.

Although root issues are predominant in the spring there are many things that can cause sewage backups. Another common cause of sewage backups are disposing of wipes and paper towels. Even “flushable wipes” come with a precaution to flush only one at a time. Additionally long hair can really stop things up when it catches on other blockages in your pipes. The last primary cause of sewage backups is grease which serves to build upon the pipes and other drain blockages.

Take these steps to insure that you don’t have a sewage backup:

  • Regular maintenance is key for reducing sewage backups.
  • Increase caution if you have large trees that can grow into your sewage lines.
  • Never dispose of grease down the drain, poor greases into an old container and throw them away.
  • Reduce flushable wipes and never flush baby wipes.
  • Paper towels and Q-tips have no place in a drain.
  • Regularly clean long hair from drain entrances.

When disaster strikes

Brothers Restoration has a professional team to navigate you through the process. There are many companies that you can choose for your Sewage Backup cleanup, but brothers restoration is your best option for these key reasons:

  1. We have a team of professional, certified, and compassionate damage technicians. Brothers Restoration is passionate about reducing the damage that your house will sustain. We use thermal technology to identify the damaged areas. Our intent is to only attack the areas that are damaged. We will insure that you have a sanitary environment throughout the whole entire process
  2. At Brothers Restoration work for you. Most of the time your insurance company will suggest a vendor. Often times this vender is chosen by looking out for the best interest of the insurance company. We work with the insurance company to insure that your dwelling is covered, but we ultimately work to make sure that your best interests are protected.
  3. We bring your home back to its original state. Many companies only treat the issues. We not only clean and remove the effected areas, we bring your home back to its original condition.

Call Brothers Restoration today for a free estimate on your Sewage backup damage and we will send out one of our professionals to advise you on your next step.




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