When is it time to call a water damage professional?

We are seeing an increase of mold damage from prior leaks. Brothers restoration thought it would be appropriate to give our community a write up. We are here to help you figure out whether or not you can tackle your water damage on your own.

Can you treat your Water Damage?

Some of our customers have seen flood damage and have tried to use their shop vacuum to bring their living area back to a dry state.  What a lot of people don’t understand is the somewhat unpredictable paths that water can take.  When water is left in those unpredictable places it significantly increases the chances of mold growth and property damage.  One of our recent customers in Thornton, Colorado had water damage that was starting to grow mold just 4 days after their water intrusion.

In most cases insurance companies will not cover mold damage. Having a professional water restoration technician on location within 48 hours is the only way to insure that all water is removed properly to prevent mold growth. Brothers Restoration technicians chase water through all possible hiding spots from carpets and carpet pads, baseboards and drywall, and behind cabinetry, and then remove those surfaces or if applicable dry them out. We can send an IICRC certified water damage technician 24/7. Brothers restoration will properly care for your home and business.

We offer free estimates, and rapid response from our Northglenn headquarters to your property. Our assessment will let you know if the flood damage is something that you can take care of yourself. We will also inform you if the water intrusion so extensive that you will need professional assistance.  Our Quick and professional response will reduce water damage; Additionally we will insure that you don’t cultivate any mold growth. Damage and cost only increase as water has time to cultivate mold growth. Stay ahead of the mold and have one of our professional technicians out for a no cost assessment of your water intrusion.


Water Damage Restoration


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