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Brothers Restoration are the Parker area attic mold remediation professionals.

If a Home Inspection has revealed mold growth in your attic, Call (720 979 2696 for a free inspection on attic mold remediation.

During the sales process of real estate, a savvy home buyer will hire an experienced home inspector because they know to seek out potential signs of moisture damage in the structure. So, if attic mold is present and growing, the inspector will advise the purchaser that a moisture problem has been present long enough to cause mold formation. So, Identifying and repairing the source of the moisture is paramount in the restoration process. If attic mold is visible and growing it is recommended to put your money towards remediation and avoid the cost of a pre mold air test

Brothers Restoration process use to Remediate/Remove Attic Mold.

Brothers Restoration uses a combination of four different techniques to remediate stubborn attic mold.

  1. SANDING – So, Large formations of mold may need to be sanded from plywood sheathing, trusses, or wooden materials used to build the roof over your property. This method is tedious and labor intensive but does a good job at prepping surfaces for mold treating products. Not all projects require this step.
  2. ADVANCED PEROXIDE TREATMENT – The use of an industrial strength peroxide cleaner is applied to areas of heavy staining. An oxidation process then takes place on the substrate and removes stubborn stains and debris. The cleaner breaks down into simple oxygen and water, leaving no trace.
  3. ENCAPSULATING – So, Once the advanced peroxide treatment as dried, We use a commercial grade airless sprayer and treat all areas where mold staining has occurred. All areas will then be encapsulated with a special type of sporicidal and anti-fungal paint to ensure all existing mold is covered and dormant while leaving a barrier to prevent future mold from reforming. Most attics can be encapsulated in one day.
  4. FOGGING – Brothers Restoration uses a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogger in combination with Concrobium Mold Control solution to eradicate mold spores and ensure that all nooks and crannies are hit with a sporicidal product that leaves a thin barrier against mold on any surface it touches.

While there are many methods available to treat attic mold, Brothers Restoration found the above methods to be effective and economic. Brothers Restoration offers a one year transferable warranty on attic mold remediation projects and our attention to detail ensures home inspectors will be satisfied so the quality of the mold remediation project will ensure lasting results.

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